Regional Entrepreneurs Association of North East Romania

This is who we are …

Since ancient times, merchants were united in several forms of cooperation in order to establish the general line of trade for certain territories or business sectors.

Often, in that time, merchants were organized into guilds of craftsmen or on types of merchandise. There were several guilds like goldsmiths, bakers, shoemakers or guilds established on the field of maritime trade, land trade and so on.

In the early trade in Europe appeared merchant groups associated on countries or provinces with certain autonomy.

According to history, in the North East Region of Romania, merchants would have met more or less formally, in a group of Merchants of ancient Moldavia known as ”The Council of Merchants of Moldova”.

Established in 2004, the current Regional Entrepreneurs Association of North East Romania, is a continuation, in a legal form of organization, under the current market economy, of the old ”Merchants Council of Moldova”.

Mihai Susanu, Ph. D. Economy, susanuclinicer