Transport infrastructure

Railway infrastructure
The railway network is old and needs investment in terms of structure of the railway as well as in station and in passenger services system. The railway provide connection with Republic of Moldova and Ukraine for persons and also for goods. In the last year it is seen a slow development in terms of private transport on the public railway system.

The public road network infrastructure
The North – East Region is crossed by a series of Pan-European roads, as following:

  • Bucuresti – Bacau – Roman – Suceava – Siret (check and cross-border point) – the European road E85;
  • Sucecava – Vatra Dornei – Cluj (E576) which provides connection to European road E60 Cluj Napoca – Oradea;
  • Bacau – Brasov – Pitesti European road E574 (which provide the connection with the European road E70 Craiova – Vidin – Skopje);
  • Bucuresti-Barlad – Albita – Chisinau – European road E581, which crosses Vaslui County;
  • Roman -Tg. Frumos with ramification towards Botosani (E58) and Iasi (E 583).

Air transport infrastructure
The air transport infrastructure consisting of three airports that provide domestic flights and external flights, the regular flights ensuring the connection with the country capital, Bucharest. The three existing airports are located in Bacau, Iasi and Suceava.

Iasi Airport is the oldest of Romania, was built up in 1932, is situated at 8 km North from Iasi City at an altitude of 120 m and it is intended for domestic and partly external charter passenger flights.
The present status of the resistance structure of the airside does not allow landing and maneuvering of aircrafts heavier than 47 tones the PCN (Pavement Concrete Number) index being of only 16.
On the regular basis the airport is operated by Tarom, Austrian Airlines and Carpatair companies.

Bacau Airport is located at 6.5 km South from Bacau and ensures the necessary infrastructure for safe conditions flights of aircrafts up to 400 tones, for domestic and external flights. The airport isservicing air-operations for a program of 12 and 24 hours, presently providing flights on 7 foreign routes to Germany and Italy destinations.

Suceava Airport, located on the territory of Salcea commune at 15 km East from Suceava town and 40 km away from Botosani, with access being provided by the National Road DN29, is intended for domestic passenger charter air flights.
The airport allows landing-take off of charter and medium-type aircrafts in optimal conditions, having a minimum guaranteed visibility standard of 1,200 meters and a ceiling of 60 meters.

Utility infrastructure
Key issues
The potable water network is inadequately sized in relation to North-East Region’s surface and population:

  • Km of potable water network / 100 sq. km surface: 12.55 compared with 16.89 at national level;
  • Km of potable water network / 1000 inhabitants: 1.23 compared with 1.84 nationally;
  • 87.25% of total localities are not connected to the network;

The sewerage network is inadequately sized in relation to North-East Region’s surface and population:

  • only 131 out of total 357 localities connected to the potable water network are connected to the sewerage network;
  • 95.58% of total localities are not connected

The natural gas network is inadequately sized in relation to North-East Region’s surface and population:

  • Km of natural gas network /1000 inhabitants: 0.59 compared with 1.10 at national level;
  • Km of natural gas network /100 sq. km surface: 5.47 compared with 10.09 at national level;
  • Only 2.1% of total localities are connected to the system;