Legal System for companies

Commercial and corporate legal activity in Romania is developed under the regulation of the civil law code, the trade register regulation and the fiscal and accounting regulation. The challenge is to be in contact with all the changes which are made by the government in term of rules and regulation especially in the part of tax law and deductible costs for business operating.

In the same time, one company get in contact with labor regulation and responsibility in front of its employees in special condition.

Commercial connection between companies are developed under the Romanian law and under a very good and old principle: the settlement made between 2 companies is as strong as the law in their relation. Once public, their agreement is compulsory for everyone developing business with them.

The legal responsibility start with the creation of the company.

We developed a special services package for foreign investors for creating and operating a business in Romania from legal perspective whose main purpose is:

  • Protection of the investment;
  • Negotiating contracts with Romanian suppliers and clients;
  • Representation in front of the Romanian public authorities;
  • Protection of the company in its relation with its employees;
  • Employees recruitment procedures and working contracts;
  • Return of the investment in the origin country;
  • Specific procedure according with the particularity of the business.