Human resources recruitment support

Human resources is one of the major asset of North East Region of Romania. Iasi is the most important university city from Romania, with universities and faculties covering all the major fields of research and innovation. In the same time Iasi is a city well known at international level, specially in United States of America due to the Technical University and the Computer Science University, providing a lot of engineers in the computer science area.

In the same time one can find also unqualified work force which can be prepare in order to execute specific tasks on the assembly lines.

The level of knowledge of foreign languages is very good in the majority of the work force with ages bellow 50 years old. The most known foreign language is English.

We can provide qualified specialists trained in recruitment procedures, and prepare all the recruitment procedures in accordance with the client needs, from setting the requirements for the job, defining the job profile, advertising for employees and recruitment procedure in Romanian as well as in English languages.

Employees relationships
Working with employees in Romania is a challenging task due to the present employment regulations. Providing a lot of rights for the employees and less rights for the company this relationship need several leverages in order to be a fluent working environment which can be achieved through working contracts legally made under the Romanian law but designed in accordance with the corporate need.