Accessing Structural Funds for Companies located in Romania

Structural Funds are European Union Funds allocated for development of private companies registered under the Romanian law.

In order to be eligible to access a European Union grant, a company must be:

  • Located in Romania, in one development region;
  • The company must be in the field of production or services provider. Trade in not eligible for non-refundable funding;
  • Have at least 1 year of activity;
  • Have no debts to the state in order of tax payment;
  • Have profit on the last fiscal year;
  • Present a Project for development, in accordance with the guide of applicants for the specific Axes of Structural Funds.

In general, in the European Union project for companies, the percentage of financial non-refundable grant is among 60% or 70% from the total eligible costs, and the global amount of the project should be between 50.000 Euro and 5.000.000 Euro.

Eligible costs are:

  • Building new production facility;
  • Building new headquarters;
  • Purchasing equipment;
  • Purchasing computers and software;
  • Purchasing services like: ISO Certification, Consultancy, Legal services;
  • Training of the employees;
  • Promotion.

Total cost of the project: 1.000.000 Euro
Private contribution of the company: 300.000 Euro
Non-refundable funds form European Union: 700.000 Euro

We provide complete consultancy in developing the project ideas, writing the project, all the procedures for applying to the funds, contracting the funds, implementing the project.