Building design

There are two possibilities for a foreign company to design a building in Romania in order to meet its purposes: the first involves the rehabilitation, consolidation and the change of destination for an existing building and the second involves the building it from scratch.

We will provide you with the necessary documentation, technical consultancy, and on site consultancy once construction has started.

The main steps an investor has to follow, and for which we provide support in order to get the construction started, are:

  • The Pre-feasibility Study;
  • The Feasibility Study;
  • The Documentation for Building Construction Authorization and the acquirement of all the legal approvals and notices requested by Local Authorities;
  • Construction Site Management Documentation;
  • The Technical Project Documentation which contains all plans and reports (Architectural, Structural, Building Services, Landscape Design, Bills of Quantities, Bills of Prices etc.)

We will provide you with assistance regarding the technical surveys required (topographical survey, geotechnical survey, hydrological survey), studies and technical examinations if it is the case..

We will also provide you with the necessary legal authorized design project examinations and inspections requested by Romanian law and dictated by Design Codes.