Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Iasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an autonomous, non-governmental, public utility and self-financing organization, aimed at promoting and supporting the interest of the business community, according to the competitive requirements of the market economy, operating according to Romanian Law no. 335/2007.

By continuing tradition and activities ever since its establishment in 1864, Iasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports the freedom of trade and industry, a fair and legal trade within a highly competitive market economy.

Iasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry is focused on providing professional support for the local business community and for investors from abroad.

High quality staff offers the best solutions on legal aspects of establishing and registering a company, business information, business meetings, standardization, promotion and commercial arbitration.

Iasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry is member of The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and part of the Romanian Chambers System.

According to the Romanian Law no. 335/2007, membership is voluntary and may be acquired upon request. Members of Iasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry are: individual members (entrepreneurs, companies, regardless of the activity; branches, representative offices, agencies), collective members (subsidiaries of bilateral chambers of commerce, local professional associations, employers’ organizations) and honorary members (personalities of public life in all areas of activity).

The Chamber’s mission, as representative of Iasi Community, is to be the main promoter of local, regional and national economic development, aiming at becoming the first choice partner and consultative pole, by providing professional tailored services for current and future commercial partners, in a competent, impartial and efficient manner.

The Chamber’s purpose is to participate in the development of a favourable business environment and to support business community in relation with local and central public authorities. In order to achieve this goal, the Chamber promotes a coherent economic and social development policy ofIasiCounty, by means of three strategic objectives:

  • Representing and protecting the businesses interests in their relations with local, national, international institutions institutional level: economic and administrative,  local, national and international;
  • Performing high quality services, based on satisfying specific needs of the business environment;
  • Contributing to institutional development by: setting up new organizations managed by the Chamber and improving those already existing. Its affiliation to a strong Chambers system and its active involvement in partnerships with other organizations supports local economic growth.


In order to accomplish its mission and purpose, the Chamber aims at the following specific objectives:

  • Chamber’s recognition and consolidation as a dialog partner in its relationship with economic, political, and social decision-makers, as well as with non-governmental organizations and other institutions of civil society;
  • Diversifying the means and ways of regular consultation with its member companies in view of discussing their professional and economic difficulties and establishing the Chamber’s strategies of  promoting and supporting its members;
  • Increasing its representative role, thanks to the number and quality of its members.
  • Active participation in economic regulation making, in view of creating a sound economic environment based on clear, equitable, coherent and rational legislation
  • Strengthening the Chamber’s contribution to the creation and maintenance of a competitive business environment; supporting the increase of products and service competitiveness of local companies;
  • Guiding and supporting businesses for quality assurance of their products and services, environmental protection and know-how protection issues;
  • Involvement in setting ethic standards in business for safe commercial transactions and fair competition on the market;
  • Performing company promoting activities;
  • Providing up-dated tailor-made services with optimal price-quality ratios
  • Active participation in lobbies supporting the Romanian Chamber System to become the representative of the Romanian Entrepreneurs, with Romanian State Recognition;
  • Intensifying cooperation with local institutions and authorities in order to start and implement sustainable development projects;
  • Expanding relationships with other foreign chambers, institutions and similar organizations, in order to improve the Chamber’s activity as a result of experience exchange and partnership establishments;
  • Permanent concern to attract funding for the Chamber’s growth.


Iasi Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr. Paul Butnariu, Eng