Business Environment

The general interests of the public authorities in the last 4 years was the increase support for developing private business and especially attracting the one providing working places for the persons in their area. In order to do so, the local public administration have several solutions for offering land in renting system for 49 years at very good rates (for instance 1 euro/year/sqm) which is a very good opportunity for private investors.

The system of renting for 49 years is a very good one (if made properly) since will not allow to the public administration to change the renting price for the next 49 years – regardless the political force which might change in time in the ruling of the public administration. This kind of contracts are to be held by all the political administration during the 49 years.

The Business Support Structure is very good in the North East Region through the special service provided by the Regional Entrepreneurs Association North East Romania which you already now it: Romania Enterprise System. Please see the services section of the site.

This is offering you support and guidance from the moment you consider the idea of coming to do business in Romania, landing in Romania, starting the business, recruiting the employees, building the factory, accessing Structural Funds for developing the business. Please see the Accessing Structural Funds section.

In the same time we will act as a interface between your business and public local administration in order to provide you with the best quality guidance and legal support.

There are also several business incubators at the North East level, newly made through EU Structural Funds which offering spaces for rent for offices or for production facilities.

In Iasi there is in process of construction the Center Downtown for A Class Offices were one can rent space for its private office. In the same time, offices can be rented or purchased or build. Please see the FAQ section of the site for several renting prices or purchasing the land or building.

The business once developed in Romania will be protected by our legal guiding and support service. Please see our services in the section Legal corporate support.