Romania – Private Health Sector Development – Healthy Profits

The public health system from Romania is losing ground in the competition with the private sector. The quality of the services is different, the attitude towards the patient is different and the costs are not very high.

Many Romanian patients are interested in the private health system. Austria and Germany offered an alternative solution for the Romanian patients which are interested in getting treatment private clinics or hospitals. The rate of persons interested in treatment abroad have conduced in the last year to the development of the medical tourism system in Romania, specialized tourism agencies offering travel packages for private European clinics.

This conduced to a business opportunity for opening private clinics and hospitals in Romania.
In general there are small operating facilities – more like praxis offices – rune by the doctors.  Private clinics with several facilities are few due to the investments costs necessary to develop the business and to sustain the activity for the 1st year in which this business need to grow and to be known to the market.
This create a window of opportunity for foreign investors in health system, tacking into account also the operating costs which are low in Romania.

More, being a foreign clinic, can also brig patient from Europe in order to get medical treatment in a private clinic in Romania, with foreign or local doctors, but at lower prices than in Central Europe.