Romania – Increased Return of Investment

Developing and operating a business in Romania can be done only in order to get a better Return of Investment then one can get in its own country.
This it is why, one can calculate the basic costs of operating and developing the business here from a basic example already used in the website.

Operating the business involves fix and variable costs each month. This monthly costs dedicated to sustain the business (rent, utilities, salaries) are low in Romania comparing with the average of Europe and the quality of the work is very good.

Please see the cost example and the extended benefits in the Low Business Operating Cost section.

In the same time, a company located in Romania and managed under the Romanian law and regulation can get access to the EU Structural Funds dedicated for developing Romanian business environment. This system offer the possibility of developing the business by getting non-refundable funds in around 70% from the total costs of the investment.

For details please see the section accessing EU funds.